About us

Our team is made up of engineers from the industrial sector.

The integration of different knowledge and specializations allows us to design, implement and measure improvement solutions for companies and institutions in order to optimize their environmental, economic and social impacts.


Prof. Eng. Augusto Bianchini

Shareholder and Chief Executive Officer

Expert in business organization, instrumentation and industrial automation and circular economy and sustainability.

Prof. Eng. Marco Troncossi


Expert in the field of vibrations and robotics applied to industry.

Prof. Eng. Giangiacomo Minak


Expert in the materials sector and additive manufacturing.

Eng. Jessica Rossi, PhD


Expert in sustainability, circular economy and industrial maintenance.

University of Bologna



Matteo Morolli
Mechanical Engineer
Matteo Colamonaco
Mechanical Engineer
Riccardo Farneti
Mechanical Engineer
Ivan Savini
Mechanical Engineer
Valentino Solfrini
Management Engineer
Francesco Manuzzi
Mechanical Engineer


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