The Challenge of the Present

At an European level, the new Green Deal, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the awareness of a growth model that is no longer sustainable, have led companies, institutions and civil society to have to answer new questions with particular reference to sustainability. of the products, processes and behaviors of individuals.

However, the lack of objective data does not allow the various subjects (companies, institutions and civil society) to identify themselves with a clear positioning with respect to these issues and with respect to other realities, preventing the identification of the business, environmental and social areas in which you can improve.

The challenge that awaits us is therefore to provide a service to all those companies and institutions that want to systematically monitor their level of sustainability and implement a process of improvement of processes, products and commercial activities towards this paradigm.

Our Mission

To help companies on their path to sustainability, while ensuring a complete and respectful approach to their needs, it is necessary to meet two sequential requirements:

Measuring Sustainability

Calculate (not estimate) the sustainability KPIs both transversal and specific to the sector involved through the adoption of a proven and effective deterministic methodology, such as the ViVACE model, in order to support the business process on multiple levels (operational, tactical and strategic) .

Plan the Transition

Starting from the results deriving from the implementation of corporate sustainability management, define business plans to improve sustainability, based on the definition and related integration of technological solutions to minimize the environmental, economic and social impact of the business.

To meet these requirements that require the integration of different and cross-sectoral skills, capable of responding to different needs typical of industrial realities, Turtle is characterized as a place of mutual contamination between universities and companies.

Our team is made up of engineers from the industrial sector.

The integration of different knowledge and specializations allows us to design, implement and measure improvement solutions for companies and institutions in order to optimize their environmental, economic and social impacts.

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